Supporting the Amazon Rainforest

As we focus on the launch of our brand, we recognize the responsibility of the Amazon Rainforest in the daily operations of our business. Unlike much larger oil companies, we like to focus on the preservation and conservation of the Amazon as without it, we not only would be unable to operate but it would also greatly influence our living conditions around the world. 

We believe in giving back to the communities in which we operate, whether it be where we sell or where we manufacture. We are currently looking into organizing our own non-profit organization funded by a portion of our proceeds. Until then, we encourage our customers to check out Amazon Watch ( which is a non-profit that has been around since 1996, with the goal of protecting and preserving our beautiful Amazon rainforest. 

We currently entrust this organization with all of our donations, they are a recognized United States charity and even provide tax deductibles when applicable. We thank all of our customers for recognizing the changes and damage large companies can cause, and for the overwhelming support of our alternative options available. Together we can hopefully weaken the destruction of the Amazon and eventually restrict big companies from the harmful ways. Forward your confirmation email donation to in order to receive a chance for a limited promotional offer!