Extra Virgin Açaí Oil

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The first-ever cold-pressed cooking oil, made from pure açaí. Açaí oil is not at all a new concept, however, ours is the first one extracted so finely that you can eat & cook with it! Can be used as a topical oil, a remedy for skin blemishes, or a hair supplement!

- The açaí berry is naturally rich in Antioxidants and Healthy Fats and is known for being one of the healthiest SUPER-FRUITs on the globe. This oil is just a new way to get the benefits of this amazing fruit daily!

- Add to all your favourite meals cold, or use in your recipes as a replacement for Olive oil.  Easily becomes a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. 

- Very light tasting flavour, keeps food tender but not greasy. Has a very pink colour on the plate and is great for presentation. 

- This oil has a light pink/red colour naturally, but it does not change the colour of your food. 

- Whether it's Salads, Vegetables, Marinades, Smoothies or your skin and hair, you will feel the benefits of daily acai use. 

Store in a Cool, Dark place, away from sunlight.

Smoke Point: 397 Degrees Fahrenheit

Serving Size - 1 TBSP (15ml) 

Calories - 123

Total Fat - 13.6g 

Saturated Fat - 1.5g

Polyunsaturated fats - 9.4g

Monounsaturated fats - 2.7g

Omega 6 - 9.4g

Omega 9 - 2.6g

Sugars - 0g


Additional Info

Size: 500ml

Origin: Brazil

Importer: UP-COM International

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*All of our products are made 100% from pure, raw ingredients, left untouched in their natural state and without the use of harmful chemicals, wastewater, animal byproducts, and GMOs. This means we are vegan-friendly and organic however we are currently working towards Organic Certification. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Amneris Khellouf

    Extra Virgin Açaí Oil

    Fabulous and Unique Oil for Skincare

    The color of this oil is so different from standard Acai pulp skincare oil. It is absolutely beautiful and serum-like. Delivery was extremely fast. Keep these unrefined unique oils coming, and I'll definitely purchase them all!

    Julia Aimers
    Love The Acai Oil!

    It’s deelish on top of a salad with a little herbed salt and avocado!

    Sylvan Daniels
    Great Product

    This is a hard to find oil and the quality is excellent! It has a beautiful pink colour and very light but slightly fruity aroma. 100% recommend.

    Health benefits galore

    I tried Acai oil on Wednesday, September 9, 2020. Wow, I had instant energy, no pain in my knees and so much joy and happiness. Just one tablespoon. Absolutely amazing. I haven't used it with food. I take it as a supplement for now. I absolutely love it. I called all of my friends and they are excited about trying Puro Pura Acai oil. I absolutely love this oil and I am excited to experience more health benefits. Thank you so much !! Olga Hallett ps I love the colour of the oil too.