Recipe Submission

Calling All Creative's

Here at Puro Pura we have a range of unique products that inspire creativity and passion in Makeup, Cooking, Cocktails, Baking, Skincare and so many other ways.

We love to see all the different ways that our customers challenge the properties of our products and incorporate them into their own unique creations. By using our oils as a replacement or additive to your own medium, it elevates and showcases to others the versatility of our products. 

In order to submit your creations to our page, you can: 

- Tag us on social media in your post, along with a DM of your post with the recipe instructions.

- Emailing us at "" with a photo/video and description. Please be sure to include your own social media information if you want to be featured.

- Submit through the "contact us" form on our website.

If we end up using your creations on our own website or socials, you will be added to our "VIP Creators List" which includes perks like free products for friends and family, first try of our new products, your own discount code, as well as being added to the Puro Pura creators community.