Extra Virgin Golden Flaxseed Oil

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The NEW Healthiest Flaxseed Oil

Our Golden Flaxseed Oil is made with Golden Flaxseed from Brazil, which is much different than the Flaxseed produced in North America. It produces a less bitter taste which allows for a smoother tasting flaxseed oil.

-  Flaxseed is naturally rich in Omega 3 and is known for being a popular alternative to fish oil for  your daily intake of this essential oil . It is best used with low heat when cooking or as a finishing oil

- Whether its Salads, Vegetables, Smoothies, or taken straight, it's never been easier to get your daily dose of Omega 3, 6, 9

- Store in a Cool, Dark place, away from sunlight

Serving Size - 1 TBSP (15ml) 

Calories - 117

Total Fat - 13g

Omega 3 - 7.5g

Omega 6 - 1.7g

Omega 9 - 2.9g

Sugars - 0g

*All of our products are made 100% from pure, raw ingredients, left untouched in their natural state and without the use of harmful chemicals, wastewater, animal byproducts, and GMOs. This means we are vegan-friendly and organic however we are currently working towards Organic Certification from the Canadian Government.*


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